Doom Bass Duo ‘Antania’ Ties the Knot in Unconventional Ceremony Officiated by Emmy Winner Jeff Kober

On the evening of December 9th, 2023, the unconventional union of Dr Luna and Kali Mortem, the dynamic duo behind the Doom Bass sensation “Antania,” took place at 7:30 pm. What made this ceremony truly unique was not only the choice of time but also the officiating priest – none other than the Emmy-winning star of “Walking Dead” and “Sons of Anarchy,” Jeff Kober.

The event, orchestrated by Dr Luna, a well-known occultist in California with connections to Hollywood elites, was a mystical celebration under the auspices of the Dark Mother, Kali Ma. The night unfolded with Vedic invocations to the goddess, creating an atmosphere that blended the ethereal with the tangible.

Jeff Kober, not only a renowned actor but also a popular meditation teacher, brought his own unique charm to the ceremony. Having won an Emmy just a year ago, Kober’s presence added a touch of glamour to the unconventional wedding.

Both Dr Luna and Jeff Kober share a profound connection with India, having spent significant time immersed in its spiritual tapestry, collaborating with various gurus and saints. This cultural fusion added depth and richness to the ceremony, making it a truly transcendent experience.

Dr Luna, embracing his identity as an Aghora or Hindu Witch, expressed her devotion to the Dark Mother, asserting that Antania, their musical venture, is here to stay. With music being her favored expression of the divine, the union of Antania signifies not only a marriage of hearts but also a harmonious fusion of spirituality and creativity.

In a world where weddings often follow conventional norms, the union of Antania stands as a testament to the power of individuality and the celebration of diverse expressions of love. As the music of Antania resonates, so does the unique tale of their union, marked by unconventional choices, spiritual depth, and the harmonious blend of two creative souls.

Nicole White

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