How Former NFL Wide Receiver Latarence Dunbar and Chance Cessna Find Love

It wasn’t your traditional first date. No he didn’t slide in her “DM’s”. No they didn’t wine and dine on their first date.

Their first date was actually spent in the hospital with Dunbar by Chance’s side as she underwent emergency surgery.

On the morning of their first date Chance began to have terrible stomach pains. “I didn’t know how to respond, Dunbar says. Here I am so excited to possibly have finally met the woman of my dreams, and now the doctors are saying she has to have surgery to remove her appendix. They said if I would have waited 24 more hours, it could have been fatal.”

“Dunbar was literally by my side the entire time,” Chance says. “He carried me in his arms through the emergency room doors and this man barley knew me. He saw me in my most vulnerable place. No makeup, no jewelry, no cute outfit, just me in a hospital gown fighting for my life.”

It was this moment that bonded the two in love like never before.

“Somehow God used this moment to bring us together and connect us in a powerful way” Dunbar says.

Chance continues, “All I remember was Dunbar praying over me and singing worship songs. He was full of faith and stood in agreement for my healing the entire time. I had never seen a man stand up, protect, and cover me in this way.”

They spent the first several months of their relationship dating in private. “We wanted to make sure we were focused only on God and each other. We didn’t want too many outside distractions. We wanted to allow our love to grow in a very natural way and protect it” Chance says.

Over these last several months Chance and Dunbar have been spending time building and growing together. They are on a mission to impact the world for the better and using their influence to spread positivity.

Latarence Dunbar formerly played with the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, and Houston Texans. He is now a philanthropist and entrepreneur and is always looking to give back to community. He also has a nonprofit called LED 360 and City Crime Watch of America.

Moreover Dunbar is helping put minorities back to work and offering higher wages through his partnership with the United States Department of Labor. He is also offering grants and funding to undeserved communities. You can learn more at

Chance Cessna is currently Ms. Atlanta and will be competing for the title of United States of America’s Ms. Georgia November 11th. Chance also has a non-profit organization she is launching for women called Rebuild Her. You can learn more about Chance’s endeavors at

Dunbar and Chance have big plans for the future and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Stay connected and follow them on Instagram at @CEOChanceCessna and @DunbarBey.

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