Daisuke Kamada Selected as the First Asian Model of the Year in South America

Who Is Daisuke Kamada? 5 Things to Know About his Top Model Achievements

Get to know Daisuke Kamada, who has been selected as the First Asian Model of the Year in South America.Here are five things to know about him.

Daisuke Kamada is a household name for Asian fashion model lovers. He is now a Fashion model with many other impressive accolades under her belt. He achieved the title of Top International Fashion Model at the “Premios Excelsior2023 ” held in Venezuela on December 5, 2023. Additionally, at the “Premio Venezuela De Oro,” also hosted in Venezuela, he was selected as the International Projection Model of the Year on December 15, 2023. He has become the first Asian model to win in South America, and his outstanding achievements have been acknowledged and celebrated. Get to know more about Daisuke Kamada below.

Photo: Daisuke Kamada

◆Daisuke Has Some Notable Models Credits
Daisuke was scouted at just 14 years old, marking the beginning of his professional modeling career. In 2002, he made his debut at New York Fashion Week with Calvin Klein, and in 2005, he graced the runways of the Paris Collection with DIOR HOMME. Subsequently, he participated in various fashion events, including Pasarela Cibeles in 2008, London Fashion Week Autumn in 2011 collaborating with the HORACE brand, and Singapore Fashion Week in 2012 alongside the Spencer Hart brand. Noteworthy milestones in his career also include showcasing at Portland Fashion Week in 2012, the New York Collection in 2014 with the ISAORA brand, and participating in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in China and Australia in 2017 and 2019.

◆Daisuke has already won several awards.
Daisuke has been recognized for his achievements as a fashion week model and has received several awards, including the “PORTLAND FASHION STYLE AWARDS 2012.”

◆Daisuke worn numerous top fashion Brand
Daisuke has modeled for such prominent brands as Calvin Klein, Dior, KENZO, FENDI, GIVENCHY, COMME des GARÇONS, and ISAORA. Dieske’s modeling work has captivated many designers.

◆Daisuke Is Modest About His Activities In Japan
In Japan, people wouldn’t know him that much except very limited people who really like fashion and watch fashion shows around the world. Although he has not modeled in Japan much, he has worked steel modeling for top brands.

◆Daisuke Is From Japan
Daisuke grew up in Fukuoka, Japan.

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