Jin, a member of BTS, displays his new hairstyle before reporting for duty.

In preparation for his required military service, BTS member Kim Seok-jin, also known as Jin, has chopped off his hair in favour of a shorter, closer-shaven appearance. Fans’ opinions to Jin’s new look were varied after he posted an image of it on Weverse.
In contrast to the long fringe that we are used to seeing him wear, the style in question is a buzz cut.
Hahaha cuter than I imagined, the star’s caption on the photo roughly translates. Many of his supporters expressed their agreement and how much they adored his new cut. One comment said, “WWH (world wide handsome) even w a buzz cut.” Another person remarked, “SO CUTE.”
Although Jin changes his hair the least among the members of BTS, his bandmates are known to do it very frequently. V had some famous green bangs in 2015, RM wore Barbie-pink hair that year and has previously been spotted with bright-yellow hair. RM was also way ahead of the trend. It goes without saying that a huge part of BTS’s identity is how they style their hair.

The rest of the group members quickly follow Jin’s lead in enlisting and starting their required service. According to the band’s record company, they do want to come back together in 2025 when everyone’s military service is complete. Check out Jin’s brand-new buzz cut in the video below.

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