V Glow CEO Ella V Going Back to Basics

The past year has served to remind us that classics, roots, and basics never truly go out of style. We saw this through trends, not only in the fashion industry but in the beauty industry as well. Suddenly yet unsurprisingly, cleaner, more natural looks have yet again become a timeless staple of beauty. No one understands what going back to basics looks like better than Ella V, the creator of beauty brand VGlow. The said beauty brand focuses on all-natural, all-organic, cruelty free beauty products that aim to help the skin flourish naturally.

Ella V claims that her biggest beauty inspirations in the past year did not actually have to do with beauty trends. Instead, she looks to the people behind the beauty products. She specifically looks up to the people who believe in wanting beauty to go back to its roots. Ella V’s admiration for this clean, simple aesthetic is definitely reflected in VGlow’s values as a natural beauty and cosmetics company.
“In a sense, less is more. And that beauty is not only at the surface level but also contributes to your overall well-being,” Ella notes.

Typically, beauty brands would announce or release their riskier and bolder products at the beginning of the year, so that clients can know what to look out for. However, VGlow does not follow the traditional business models and instead sticks to its values. Ella V, hopes that the brand can continue to focus and remain consistent with its all-natural products.

“At the moment, we’d like to focus on our niche products. Bringing in the all-natural, all-organic, environment friendly, and cruelty-free products,” Ella shares. “We tend to forget that our skin naturally heals itself and by putting synthetic agents on, we only damage our skin more.”

Currently, Ella V plans to introduce the VGlow products to the professional world. The overall goal for VGlow in 2023 is to have better recognition for its products as a brand. VGlow specifically aims at having its place within the beauty and aesthetics fields. By gathering feedback from previous dermatologist professionals and other medical experts who have studied the benefits and efficacy of VGlow products, Ella’s team has a symposium in the works. This event will be sure to open up many doors for VGlow to make their presence in the aesthetics industry more permanent.

“This is an exciting event as we get to speak with doctors with expertise in the skin and aesthetic fields. So far, with all the professionals we have as clients, they’re really impressed with how our products were developed and how much it helps their own clients’ skin issues. They’ve provided feedback and won’t hesitate to recommend it to their own clients,” Ella says.

Ella attributes the most important lesson she learned in the past year to her journey with VGlow. Ella shares that through her journey, she learned to trust her process and celebrate each loss as if it would’ve been a win. She explains that every loss can lead one to the right path and that every encounter offers the potential for building character and developing business endeavors. For Ella, trusting her core foundational beliefs about natural beauty will always be the right choice when continuing her journey with VGlow.

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