Kathleen Frankie
Kathleen Frankie

Kathleen Frankie: Businesswoman On the Move

If anyone knows how to run a business while looking absolutely fabulous, it’s Kathleen Frankie. She is the wonderful partner of R3 Medical, a parent company focused on assisting doctors and doing operations on regenerative medicine with various entities such as their med-spa and region supplier company. R3 Medical also works side by side with Regen Suppliers, a National Distribution Center for the Regenerative clinics. Frankie has always been drawn to working in the medical field, and being a part of this company, with everything it has to offer, has really been a dream come true for her.

“Everything that I do is pretty much for R3. Any projects that I’m involved with are R3 affiliated, including the health summit that our brand ambassador and I are trying to put together. So I
don’t really see any projects outside of what I’m doing now, especially not with another company,” shared Frankie.

Frankie’s drive, loyalty and dedication have definitely landed her the success and respect she so rightfully deserves. Six years ago, she was only a business development director and as of October 1, 2022, Frankie earned her spot as the president of R3 Medical and became a partner of Regen Suppliers waters, R3 medical training and their franchise aging and Med Spa. With a new promotion comes much responsibility, but Frankie is great at handling it all with incredible poise.

Outside of her career and projects with R3 Medical, Frankie spends most of her time with her family. Everything she does is for them and they are the sole reason for her happiness and her drive to succeed.
Frankie’s career involves a lot of responsibilities and that would include traveling all over the states. However, being a mother requires more responsibility than anything else in life, and Frankie will do whatever it takes to make her daughter happy. She even kept her home in California in order to not complicate her life with her daughter by moving from city to city. Regardless of what else is on her agenda, spending time with her daughter is an absolute priority.

“I’m really hoping to see the clinic expand within the US, it would be great to have one clinic in every major city,” shared Frankie.

Frankie was also just recently in Nashville, Tennessee for the opening of their new clinic that will help R3 Medical become more accessible to clients in the MidWest/East Coast. Nashville was originally the spot for many of the training meetings that the company would hold and once they saw how popular it was, R3 Medical decided it would be the location for a new clinic. The new spot is almost a mini version of their headquarters in Scottsdale: a simple yet modern look.

R3 Stem Cell will also open a new location in Cancun this month, as well as in India, Manila, and South Africa in the near future.

Frankie’s strong passion and great motivation have led her to become an excellent leader that doesn’t lose sight of her morals. There is no doubt in my mind that she will accomplish all of the goals she has set for her company and continue to grow her success.

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