At Michael Kors, is it Anne Hathaway’s Andy from Devil Wears Prada standing next to Anna Wintour?

Anne Hathaway brought back her main character look for her front row appearance at the NYFW Michael Kors Spring/Summer 23 presentation.

In the front row of today’s Michael Kors spring 2023 fashion show, which was staged alongside the West Side Highway, Anne Hathaway looked stunning. The actor, who portrayed Rebekah Neumann, the wife of WeWork founder Adam Neumann, in the Hulu smash WeCrashed, sported a comfortable black turtleneck dress, a long chocolate brown coat with croc embroideries, and a pair of shoes. Despite her many high-profile appearances, Anne Hathaway strives to maintain a grounded persona, as she saw in her Michael Kors Collection outfit today. Before the presentation, Hathaway remarked, “For me, you have to be able to live in your clothing, and this is a really wearable look without compromising any of the style.”
Hathaway hasn’t been cutting corners lately when it comes to style. The actor circulated at the Cannes Film Festival in May to promote Armageddon Time. She later wore a little throwback Gucci shift dress and looked ethereal in a special white Armani Privé gown. She attributes her stylist Erin Walsh and her maturity for the revival of her outfit. “[Walsh] has been very inspirational to me because of how she incorporates elements of her own style while still giving them a timeless quality. It has given me more opportunities to explore,” remarked Hathaway. “When I was a younger actress, a lot of the decisions I made were motivated by fear and the need to do something perfect. These days, though, I don’t mind making mistakes. The stakes don’t feel as high, and I don’t think I’ll lose it. I’m now dressed with a lot more enthusiasm and gratitude.

Hathaway’s new fashion philosophy includes being more mindful of the things she wears and purchases. Her preferred products are used leather pants. When you go with 17 pairs of pants, they take up less space in your bag, she said. The Kors coat represented this thoughtful path for her. “I believe that his decision to abandon exotic skins is the new luxury.”

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