Drew Barrymore Defends Hugh Grant: “You Fall in Love With Grumpy Hugh”

Drew Barrymore, the host of The Drew Barrymore Show, has come to the defense of actor Hugh Grant following his recent interview with model Ashley Graham. Grant was criticized for his demeanor during the interview, with some describing him as “grumpy” and “curmudgeonly.” However, Barrymore, who has worked with Grant in the past, disagrees with this characterization.

“People are like, ‘Oh, he’s such a curmudgeon and she’s so thrown.’ I’m like, ‘No, that is Hugh Grant,'” Barrymore said on the show. “You think you’re getting this charming movie star and what you really get is grumpy Hugh.”

Barrymore went on to praise Grant’s acting skills, describing him as “one of the greatest actors of our time.” She also spoke about her experiences working with Grant on the film Music and Lyrics, saying that he was a pleasure to work with and that she “fell in love with grumpy Hugh.”

Barrymore’s defense of Grant has been welcomed by many of his fans, who believe that he was unfairly criticized for his interview with Graham. Some have pointed out that Grant has always been known for his dry wit and self-deprecating humor, and that this is simply part of his personality.

Despite the backlash to his interview, Grant remains one of the most beloved actors of his generation, with a string of successful films under his belt. He is set to appear in the upcoming sequel to the hit romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral, which is currently in development.

As for Barrymore, she continues to be a popular figure in Hollywood, both as an actress and as a talk show host. Her show has been praised for its upbeat tone and positive messages, and she has been lauded for her commitment to promoting mental health and self-care.

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