Schools That Introduced A Music-Based Course on the Mental Health Advocacy of Meredith O’Connor are Highlighted at The Shorty Impact Awards

On November 13th, The Shorty Impact Awards highlighted the mental health advocacy of Meredith O’Connor and her global campaign. The star spoke at the award show which was followed by a screening of a video compilation with students from colleges in Nigeria, Brazil, the United Kingdom, India and more performing her anthem “You Are Not Alone”. 

Some students for the compilation were from schools that introduced a course about Meredith O’Connor’s mental health advocacy, music and impact with clinically informed mental health resources. Partnerships that helped implement the program to schools globally include Kechie’s Project, and Slam Out Loud. 

The college course and program was first announced at UC Irvine’s Mental Health Conference and at an assembly with the NYC Department of Youth and Safety in May. Schools in India, the US, the UK and more have since carried out the course’s curriculum. Students from UC Irvine’s Mental Health Commission participated in the Impact Awards. After the show, the UC Irvine students took photos with Meredith O’Connor and Kodie Shane backstage.

The video compilation highlighted at the Impact Awards featured celebrities that have joined in O’Connor’s mental health campaign, including hit recording artist Kodie Shane. The audience at the Impact Awards got the chance to see Kodie Shane perform the mental health anthem, You Are Not Alone live with students from UC Irvine’s choir, Vermillion Vocalists. At the end of the song, Meredith O’Connor rejoined the stage where the two stars reunited following their collaboration on “You Are Not Alone”.  

The full segment can be viewed here:

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