Talented Hillary Richmond Model & Ceo of Surreal Lifestyle Magazine

Hillary Richmond is pleased to introduce SURREAL Lifestyle Magazine. SURREAL Lifestyle introduces Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyles based in Nashville, Tennessee, Found by Hillary Richmond and supported by a formidable team of graphic artists, photographers, layout designers, and other professionals. SURREAL Lifestyle highlights the best in Musicians, Fashion and Lifestyles from outstanding creative talents throughout the world. The innovative magazine is known for its iconic covers and impactful features/articles.

Hillary Richmond is the Editor in Chief of SURREAL Mag and the Founder of SURREAL Brand. She is originally from Cookeville, Tennessee. Before becoming CEO of SURREAL Mag, she was a former model and published with many magazines. Richmond has made significant changes since taking the helm. SURREAL Lifestyle has risen steadily to become the most edgy and current MAG, publishing a slew of well-known artists.

Celebrities such as Lucky Harmon, Zach Clayton, Luis Da Silva and with many more known celebs/athletes that has graced the cover of SURREAL Lifestyle and features. 

Richmond’s goal is for SURREAL Lifestyle to become the most well-known and trending publication on the market, as well as for SURREAL to expand. As she puts it, “SURREAL is not just any original magazine, it’s more than a magazine. “

In addition to SURREAL Lifestyle, Richmond is the driving force behind SURREAL MAG and SURREAL Fitness. Each companion publication features the same distinctive photography and layout while addressing different subject matter. 

Email: Surrealmagazine10@gmail.com

Social Media: Instagram handle @thesurrealmag @hillaryrichmond_  @thesurreallifestyle_ @surrealfitmag

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