Who is Sergeant Dombey on Carnival Row?

British actor Jamie Harris boasts a prolific career that has seen him star in numerous award-winning films, including The Prestige and The New World. Although the actor has had many prominent roles in the past, his portrayal of Sergeant Dombey in Amazon’s fantasy drama series Carnival Row has recently been the subject of much interest.

In Carnival Row, Harris effortlessly brings to life the character of Sergeant Dombey, a gritty police officer following strict orders in a neo-Victorian city. The viewers have become deeply invested in his character, whether they love or loathe him.

Jamie Harris’ Background and Career

Harris grew up surrounded by the powerful, colorful personalities of his father Richard Harris and brother Jared, both well-known actors. His other brother, Damian Harris, is a film director. Their discussions around the dinner table in the Bahamas were always centered on movies, religion, or music, and Harris loved making people laugh, throwing curveballs into conversations, and starting arguments or riffs within the table. In fact, he knew from a young age that his future would have a connection to music, movies, or any form of creativity.

As we can see, Harris’s upbringing was marked by an almost inescapable connection to the entertainment industry, being exposed to the inner workings of the acting world.

But it was Irish playwright and filmmaker Jim Sheridan who jump-started Harris’s acting career. While working on the set of The Field as a PA, Sheridan told Harris that he should consider being in front of the camera, recognizing something naturally in Harris that leads his character towards acting. 

And till date, Harris has worked with some of the best actors in the industry, including Christian Bale, Jim Carrey, and Daniel Day-Lewis, who he describes as a “gentleman” and “a really giving actor.”

The Role of Sergeant Dombey

Jamie Harris has taken his career to the next level with his current role as Sergeant Dombey, embracing the character’s complexity and avoiding the easy route of making him one-dimensional. Through research and practice, the actor has perfected the role and brought Sergeant Dombey to life.

Due to the challenging nature of the role, Harris had to work with a top acting coach, who helped him find the essence of the character. He seems to have avoided the easy road of making Sergeant Dombey a one-dimensional character and has instead dug deep to find out why he is the way he is. 

For Harris, the most important part of perfecting a role is preparation, giving him the freedom to enjoy it, take chances, and be in the moment. And through all his experiences in the industry, Harris has developed a passion for acting, bringing a powerful personality to his roles that captivates audiences, whether they are rooting for him or not.

Harris says, “The more work you’ve done on a character gives you a freedom that you otherwise may not have. A freedom to enjoy it. A freedom to take chances. A freedom to literally be in the moment. I think preparation is everything and the most important part.” 

Carnival Row’s first season gave us a glimpse of a fantastical world with an array of conflicts and problems bubbling beneath the surface. The show’s second season continues to explore this world, with tensions running high between various factions, including the fae and faun creatures annexed to the Row. Carnival Row Season 2 premiered on February 17th, and new episodes continue to drop every Friday

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