Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie wins in a court dispute over the Château Miraval vineyard.

The highly charged legal struggle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for the Château Miraval vineyard saw the former triumph.

Angelina Jolie has defeated Brad Pitt in court, according to Page Six, in what has been a bitter legal struggle over the Château Miraval vineyard. Brangelina came into the chateau and assumed leadership of the famous rosé firm in 2008. Jolie sold her part to the booze tycoon Stoli, while Pitt has been bellowing over the magnificent structures and gardens ever since their stormy breakup.

This resulted in a number of lawsuits being filed by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, their separate companies, and numerous business partners in the US, France, and Luxembourg. Brad, his business manager, and Mondo Bongo, his firm, have been served with subpoenas for papers by Angelina’s team. According to reports, Pitt’s legal team battled valiantly to have Jolie’s request for the documents and communication rejected in court. But on Friday, July 22, a court in Los Angeles ruled that Brad and his partners couldn’t wait until they appealed the ruling before sending the documents and emails to the opposing attorneys.

The Bullet Train actor is allegedly letting his rage over his acrimonious breakup from Angelina get in the way of conventional economic sense, according to insiders close to the Eternals star’s business operation: “Any sane person would be delighted to have Stoli as a business partner. They have excellent distribution and marketing. He just is unable to get over his dislike of Jolie.”

A source close to Brad said that the Stoli agreement is not a no-brainer and that Brad had rejected down an offer to sell the company to the business firm even when he was still married to Angelina. They both claim that Stoli provides great chances to build the business. According to reports, this was due to Pitt’s long-held project strategy, which called for investing project revenues back into the business: “The greatest way to keep wealth for [their kids] is for the parents to retain full ownership of this more valuable and developing enterprise.”

For the uninitiated, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were wed in 2014 at Château Miraval.

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