Elon Musk Wishes for Everyone to Have a Burnt Hair Smell

Elon Musk is the newest superstar to join the comeback of celebrity perfumes, according to today’s odd news. The Tesla creator formally unveiled Burnt Hair, “The Essence of Repugnant Desire,” on Sunday before making it available to the public on Tuesday night. The cologne is only available through his infrastructure and tunnel building services firm, The Boring Company, and costs $100. Dogecoin may also be used to pay for it.
While we can’t claim that we’ve ever wondered what the world’s richest man smells like or what he finds attractive, it seems that others have. Musk claims he has already sold 10,000 units, including 5,000 in the first two hours after his debut. His Twitter bio now reads “Perfume Salesman.” You’ll “get noticed as you walk through the airport,” according to the website, though it’s not clear if they mean the good kind of noticeable. Scent notes and ingredients have not yet been revealed, but it’s described as “Just like leaning over a candle at the dinner table, but without all the hard work.”

This is hardly Musk’s first foray at this. . . odd products The corporate tycoon has pretty well covered every market niche, from $1,500 surfboards to onesies with the SpaceX logo. He also offered crimson satin shorts with “S3XY” inscribed across the back in 2020, which caused the website to collapse. And then there was the Teslaquilla, a $250 bottle of tequila bearing the Tesla logo and housed in a lightning-bolt-shaped bottle. What is the background of his most recent pursuit? Musk wrote, “Why did I even resist it for so long? Getting into the fragrance industry was inevitable with a name like mine.”

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