Julia Okropiridze
Julia Okropiridze

Julia Okropiridze: Dancing her way to the top.

Julia Okropiridze stuns the world with her expertise and excellence as a choreographer, versatile dancing artist and also as dance tutor.

So much has already been spoken about how a few professionals have stamped a prominent presence of themselves in their respective industries. There is so much more that yet needs to be discussed about them, their stories and their journeys for the world to know their genius. It is wonderful to learn how women have been reaching the forefront of several industries around the world and performing wonderfully as true-blue professionals in their fields. These women have proved how with determination and passion in their hearts, people, regardless of their gender, caste, age or any other factor, can go ahead in making their mark in their chosen industries and become their best version in all that they ever choose to lay their hands on. We couldn’t help but notice how a rising name in the creative and artistic realm, like dancing, named Julia Okropiridze, did exactly that and truly stunned people with her expertise and excellence as a choreographer, versatile dancing artist and also as dance tutor.

With every stance, every step and every posture she takes, she exudes pure passion and immense love for her craft in dance. This has what most people in the field have sought over the years to conquer. Julia Okropiridze thus stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind choreographer and dancer, who eats, sleeps, loves and repeats dance, and this she strongly believes has propelled her forward in her journey in all these years.

Speaking in detail about her journey, the passionate being recalls how everything began for her at the age of four, starting with classical choreography classes. By seven years, she had learned to do barre, splits, jumping and backbends, and it was at the same time her mother, and she decided to try the most sophisticated sport at that time which was ballroom dancing. From then till she turned 19, she was engaged in a sports career and, during the course, went ahead in winning several prestigious titles, medals and cups, performing at well-renowned national and international tournaments. They became Bronze Champions of Ukraine in ten dance types, finalists of the European Championship in the European program and many others.

What has attracted more attention toward this gorgeous dancer is how well she expands her knowledge of dance, among others, by turning into a dance tutor. As a teacher, she already has an experience of 13 years, where she makes sure to inculcate the right skills of dancing in each student, and if a child lacks the talent, she makes sure to believe in him. Julia Okropiridze works with such children through her special program, developing every quality and skill that is needed for dancing, their speed, rhythm, balance, muscle memory, stretching, and working capacity. 

Julia Okropiridze is a silver medalist in the Eurovision Dance Show, which happened in London and was broadcast on BBC. Since 2004, she, along with Ilya Sidorenko as a professional ballroom couple, has spellbound audiences and dance lovers. Besides being a part of many national and international tournaments since her childhood, she was also a part of Dancing with the Stars – 3 and Liga Champion while being an associate of the Austrian singer Manuela Ortega. In 2014, she had even participated in the Big Dances project as a professional dancer on Inter TV channel and acquired 3rd place with her partner Yevgeny Lavrinov.

Opening her own dance school, Julia Okropiridze has taken multiple incredible steps ahead in her career where she passionately trains children and ensures to bring out the best in them as young dancers. In 2017, she also became the choreographer of the TV project Miss Lebanon and the following year, she took part with Yulia Sakhnevich, a participant in the Dance Everybody Television project in a photo shoot for the American clothing brand Kosta, presenting a sports collection. There are many other TV shows she has been a part of, like Dance Your Azz Off, the WGT and others as a dancer and choreographer. She has been performing with Ukrainian and Asian top artists, excelling in dance styles like ballroom, Latin, hip hop, jazz funk and other modern dance styles.

Now a US resident, she has been teaching kids and adults and making music videos. She is also planning to open her own unique dance academy soon and get into TV dance projects in the US.

Julia Okropiridze (@icyjulia) highlights that the dancing community as a whole has grown and how across the world for the better. So many tremendously talented dancers and choreographers have taken over the industry showcasing their A-game, which she believes is an excellent sign of further growth of the whole industry. She says that dancers should keep experimenting with new styles and stay a learner all their life to consistently improve their craft.

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