Tory Lanez’s father criticises Roc Nation and Jay-Z, calling the conviction a “miscarriage of justice.”

There were a few other displeased spectators in the courthouse on Friday as Tory Lanez was being brought into custody in Los Angeles (much to his dismay, I’m sure). Specifically, Tory Lanez, also known as Sonstar Peterson, Tory Lanez’s father, and Tory, Sr.

Sonstar can be seen entering the lion’s den of media after leaving the courthouse in video footage that The Shade Room has received. The reporters are waiting impatiently for the emotional statement Sonstar was about to make.
He headed straight for the cameras and said, “You want to know precisely how I’m feeling?” I recently stood here in Los Angeles County and saw the worst injustice this planet has ever known. Peterson was surrounded by Lanez’s family members. After the pronouncement of the guilty decision in the felony assault trial involving Megan Thee Stallion, real name Megan Pete, and Daystar Peterson, everyone was clearly outraged.
“You want to know my true feelings? I want to mention some names. Lanez’s father kept talking. “Jay-Z, Alex Sipiro, Desiree Perez, and the entire nasty Roc Nation organisation.” Roc Nation manages rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who is signed to the label 1501 Certified; this is how the claim ultimately made its way to the label’s creator.

You claim to have risen from the muck, but you continue to hurt the souls of young men by trading and bartering. The women who were standing behind Peterson kept nodding and cheering him on during his speech.

Another implication made by Lanez’s father was that Sean Kelly, a witness, had been duped by the prosecution. Peterson asserted, “I have seen so much evidence buried in this.”

He resumed his passionate statement, “And I know exactly what the public out there will think.” ‘I say this because I’m a father,’ you’ll say. I have thousands of children all across the world, you see. Besides being a spiritual father to many, I am a father to my own children. And since I have nothing better to do, I don’t make foolish accusations. It hasn’t ended, it hasn’t ended… God never falls short.

And while this may simply be my own perspective, I believe that the jury’s decision is proof of that.

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