Is Rihanna Starting A Hair Brand, The Daily News Reports? Closed Joins In La Celebrates, Plus! New Covers, Campaigns, Collections, And More!

What’s Rihanna up to?

It seems Rihanna is preparing to disrupt the beauty market once again. The fashion tycoon and businesswoman Roraj Trade LLC registered a patent for “Fenty Hair” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The new collection of hair accessories may have a wide range of items, including barrettes, clips, wigs, scrunchies, curlers, hair brushes, combs, and hair extensions. A logical next step for the entrepreneur, whose commercial empire currently includes Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and the lingerie label Savage x Fenty, would be “Fenty Hair.” You may get all of our money by just saying the word Rih.

To commemorate the opening of its first US shop, CLOSED organised a small dinner in LA.

Have you heard that Platform LA is currently hosting German favourite CLOSED? The apparel company held a dinner party at Margot at Platform LA to mark the opening of its first physical location in the nation and to celebrate its entrance on the West Coast. The intention was to take guests on a gourmet tour across Italy, similar to its most recent pre-summer dinner in New York City (CLOSED denim is handmade in the region). Til Nadler, co-chief executive, was welcomed by a number of people, including Aurora James, Josephine Skriver, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Maddie Hasson, Vicen Akina, Sanne Vloet, Ganna Bogdan, Kendall Visser, Paris Brosnan, Rocky Barnes, Tezza Barton, Megan Roup, TyLynn Nguyen, and others.

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