Adam Leipzig’s MediaU Aims to Educate Aspiring Filmmakers

Adam Leipzig is no stranger to the media industry. He has served as a senior executive at Walt Disney Studios and as the President of National Geographic Films. During his esteemed career, Leipzig has worked on films such as March of the PenguinsDead Poets Society, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. He has won and been nominated for multiple prestigious awards and honors, including 10 Academy Awards.

Leipzig is also familiar with the world of education. He has written two books that have become classroom textbook mainstays, Filmmaking in Action: Your Guide to the Skills and Craft and Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers. He is also a faculty member at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Now, Leipzig is combining his experience in film and education to create a new opportunity for up-and-coming filmmakers.

Leipzig is the founder and CEO of MediaU, a new company dedicated to giving the next generation of filmmakers, or those already working in film who would like to further their education, the chance to learn the industry essentials.

MediaU has a team of 45 media, film, and marketing experts eager to share their knowledge. Advisors include notable names like Harry Lennix, Michela Scolari, and Terry George. The team at MediaU presents a variety of courses on subjects from Producing to Financing Your Film. All classes are taught online and can be taken anywhere in the world. Joining the MediaU community also gives students access to a message board with industry professionals, monthly networking events, and updated course material for a year after taking a class.

As masters of their crafts with years of experience, Leipzig and his team understand the ins and outs of the film industry. They also understand the need for proper education. It can be challenging for aspiring filmmakers to find the instruction they need and even more challenging for those already working in the film industry to learn about updated techniques. This is where MediaU comes in. Its targeted courses allow students of all ages and backgrounds to learn more about what they specifically need. MediaU is a simplified, less expensive alternative to devoting years to schoolwork at a major university where students spend exorbitant amounts of money on an education that is too generalized for the work they want to do. 

If you’re interested in film but not sure where exactly you fit into the diverse industry, MediaU also offers an option for prospective students to take a quiz to find where they best belong. Additionally, MediaU provides a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If a student is unsatisfied with their course or feels it’s not the best option, they can receive a full refund, creating a risk-free environment. 

MediaU is filling a void in the film industry that has existed for too long. It’s no easy feat to break through as a filmmaker. Much of one’s success depends on skills, but it’s also contingent on how much someone knows about the industry. With MediaU, students can address both of these challenges. Courses offer content on specific techniques and abilities, giving students a well-rounded view of the film industry and what they must do to make a name for themselves. With this kind of instruction available, MediaU will indeed become integral to any filmmaker’s learning process.

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