EXCL! fame for Tu Aake Dekhle King says, “I was not expecting…” as he divulges the secret behind every generation dancing to his tunes.

King, a rapper and singer, became well-known for his song Tu Aake Dekhle. He eventually rose to fame on social media. His most recent single, Oops, is now trending online. He’s the new idol of Generation Z. King just revealed a lot of information in an interview with Times Now. Read on!
King, a singer, rapper, and musician, became well-known because to his smash hit song Tu Aake Dekhle. The song quickly became popular across platforms including YouTube and social media. King didn’t have to look back after that. With his voice, the singer has captivated Generation Z and become a social media star. Oops, his brand-new song, is now trending online.
The singer shared a lot of information with us in a recent interview regarding a variety of topics, including his career history, the incredible song Tu Aake Dekhle, and his most recent hit song, Oops-King.

King described himself as a “artist,” saying, “I regard myself as an artist, not a vocalist, not a rapper,” in an interview with Times Now. Despite the fact that I also had a profession, I knew that I had a creative side, so why not just explore it? Additionally, I was not even afraid when I first started because I had a job. Even though I was earning a respectable income from it, I was constantly thinking, “Either go extreme or stay at zero, and once you have this mindset, you get to know what you want.”

Speaking more about how his profession began, he continued, “So, that’s when my artistic adventure began. I think I released a couple tunes on my YouTube account around 2015 or 2016. Talismann then released an EP. The Carnival Album, Hustle, Gorilla Bounce, Gumshuda, and now The Champagne Talk all occurred after that.
There is no event or background to King’s decision to choose rap, he said. Simply said, I wanted to do it. I wanted to put my feelings in writing. In 2018–19, there was a strong drive to get into it. I then made the decision to start now and started treating it seriously.

After 7-8 months since its debut, King’s incredible song Tu Aake Dekhle gained popularity and became a smash success. He remarked, “I released Tu Aake Dekh Le in September 2020. I waited to gain the momentum. People were researching more internet stuff and more artists or songs around that time since we were all on lockdown and there was the COVID thing going on. Since practically every age was experiencing the mood of Tu Aake Dekh Le by April or May 2021, it began to resonate with the general public and spread to individuals all over the world. It is not only Gen Z that is feeling Tu Aake Dekh Le. I don’t believe there was a delay or anything, and to be honest, I did not anticipate Tu Aake Dekh Le to become as popular as it has, but there is no doubt that if you provide the audience with quality and original content, they will embrace it and everything will work out.

“My other songs from The Carnival album are also performing well on charts, streaming services, and YouTube,” he continued. I was getting between 10 and 12 million views, but Tu Aake Dekh Le just blows up. And I believe that doing anything with good intentions will result in success. Although it could take some time, it will be worthwhile.

King said, “Not precisely the turning moment, but yeah, it definitely levelled me up,” when asked whether Tu Aake Dekhle marked the turning point in his professional life. Because of the manner Tu Aake Dekh Le got out to the public, people began to recognise me more, and yes, it also opened many additional opportunities for me.

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