There are 22 spring bridal party dresses for every type of wedding.
Become engaged to bright looks and flirtatious flower prints.

There is no incorrect time of year to tie the knot, but for some couples, the season has a significant impact on their preparations. It seems natural that spring would be a popular season for weddings given the new growth, vitality, and abundance of blooming; after all, it’s all about beginnings. If you’re organising a springtime event, choosing seasonally suitable attire is crucial for both comfort and aesthetics. The good news is that there are several spring bridesmaid gowns to select from, ensuring that your VIPs are dressed appropriately for the setting and the time of year.

Alena Wells, senior marketing director at Revelry, advises taking the weather in mind while choosing bridesmaid outfits. Knowing what to expect from the forecast can help inform your decisions. When it comes to hues, most individuals like pastels to celebrate the joyous season. In the spring, light shades of green, lilac, and pink look stunning. Of course, neutrals are always in style.
Shapes with ruffles, bows, and whimsical touches are among of the most popular spring wedding trends. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve gathered 22 of our favourite designs from the most reliable retailers. Here are the top spring bridesmaid dresses for the warm season, ranging from adorable flower designs to stunning midis.

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