Dr. Meleeka Clary: A force to be reckoned with in psychology and entertainment.

She highlights that her main goal is to help shape society by thinking and behaving more positively.

It is incredible to know and learn about all those people who put in the required efforts and sometimes even beyond that, leaving no stone unturned in getting closer to their desired goals and aspirations in life. What is even more amazing is knowing that most of these professionals are females, who today have become powerful forces in society, inspiring many other women out there vying to make their name count in the success stories across industries of the world.

We couldn’t help but notice how Dr. Meleeka Clary rose to be one such incredible woman, who today is a force to be reckoned with in fields like psychology and entertainment. She highlights how her main goal is to help shape society by thinking and behaving more positively.

Speaking about her journey, Dr. Meleeka Clary says that she watched her parents succeed within their means and poverty during her growing-up years. They had so much but lost it all, and since she was a kid, she couldn’t contribute towards helping financially or mentally. However, after she achieved her direction, she welcomed success within her means and learned from her parents’ experiences by changing her future path.

Her future concept of achievement is to try to stay close to “God’ because human beings need protection from all the unexpected issues that come with living a human life. Today, Dr. Meleeka Clary, who is a successful clinical psychologist, besides being a filmmaker, draws inspiration from people around.

She tries to help people think that sharing is caring. If she knows something that could help another human being achieve a positive outlook, she would be that diamond that brings the shining light. She is today a highly regarded mental health professional, a clinical psychologist with HMWP Psychology Counseling in Carmel, Indiana, since 2020.

She finds passion and peace in treating mentally challenged patients and teaching them to communicate in a safe and therapeutic environment. To cater to more patients and solve their issues, she collaborates with other psychologists and psychotherapists to solve several mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, grief, and self-destructive mood behaviors. She maintains her membership with the American Psychological Association to keep up with her knowledge and industry trends.

People have often wondered how this incredible psychologist also dived deep into the entertainment field, becoming a well-known filmmaker, director, actress, model, singer and writer. Well, she mentions how, since her childhood, she loved dancing and acting, which very early in her life ignited her passion for art. Even after becoming a clinical psychologist, she resurrected her acting and modelling career while being a dedicated single mother to her kids.

In the entertainment realm, she has worked for companies like Next Entertainment and Dynasty Inc. and has appeared in several TV series like Nashville, Greenleaf, and The Resident. She also wrote, directed and acted in her film titled “Three Corners of Deception,” 2018, a story about a college law professor who falls in love with an attorney.

As if attaining so much wasn’t enough for her, Dr.Meleeka Clary also won prestigious awards at notable film festivals like the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival and Royal Wolf Film Awards. To help newer talents and upcoming stars in the industry, she is currently involved with John Casablancas Centers. Doing movies and sharing people’s challenges during Dr. Meleeka Clary’s Talk Show regarding one’s experiences, she has helped society realize that all are human beings and no one is better than the other.

Do follow her on Instagram @claryghosh to stay updated on her upcoming projects and her work as a clinical psychologist.

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