Hamza Filali: The King of Moroccan Humor and TV Presentation

Hamza Filali, born in 1987, is a real bomb of energy that has no equal. As active on stage as on social networks, with 2 million followers on Instagram and almost 1 million on Facebook, he has made a name for himself as one of the most dynamic and entertaining personalities in Morocco. His solo shows, ‘Hadi Hyati’ and ‘Hmiza Jour’, as well as his work with the flagship show ‘Humouraji’, have made him a household name.

Hamza Filali originally studied Communication and Marketing, but he eventually found his true calling in art and humor. In 2010, he created his first capsule series ‘Hadi Hyati’, which caught the attention of Medi 1 TV, one of the most innovative channels in Morocco. The channel sponsored him and gave him the opportunity to host a humorous segment during the daily program ‘Massa L’khir’. He went on to become a columnist for the prime-time Maghrebian program ‘Jari Ya Jari’.

In the coming years, Hamza’s popularity only continued to grow. He touched the hearts of all Moroccan homes with his monthly program ‘Men Dar L’Dar’, which was broadcast each Ramadan and recorded an average of 8 million viewers every day. The show ‘Zartna Al Baraka’ in 2019 was another hit, attracting 7.3 million viewers every day. This brought him even closer to his audience and made him the favorite of families both young and old.

In 2020, Hamza joined MBC group and hosted the big weekly show ‘Strike’, which reached 18 million viewers on each episode. Hamza’s success is not just a story of talent but also of hard work and preparation. He is always eager to be as close as possible to his audience and connect with them on a personal level.

Hamza’s TV career started on Medi 1 TV with the talk show ‘Massa L’khir’, which aimed to enlighten viewers on various societal subjects through the words of specialists and experts, while providing tips and practical advice. He then hosted ‘Jari Ya Jari’, an entertainment talk show for North African families that offered a window into the culture and life of the Maghreb neighbors. He also hosted the ‘Men Dar L’Dar’ program for five years, which traveled the roads of Morocco to surprise households and reward loyal viewers with a trip to Umrah every day.

In conclusion, Hamza Filali is a versatile and dynamic performer who has made a name for himself in Morocco as the king of humor and TV presentation. With his casual attitude, contagious energy, and disconcerting charisma, he has captured the hearts of millions of viewers and become a beloved figure in the country.

You can Follow Him On Instagram @thehamzafilali

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