Forest Gump of the 21st Century by Alison Savitch

How many really smart and famous people have you taken the time to learn from? 

Most people don’t meet a lot of Celebrities, and if they do, they may not get up the nerve to talk to them —certainly not speak with them to ask meaningful questions that could change their lives!  

Well, here’s your chance to learn from 5 Presidents anda LOT of international Superstars who have taken  their bumps and bruises along the way — Clint Arthur’s “Wisdom of the Men” does just that.  (The book features not just men, lots of famous women in there too.) When Clint Arthur meets these people, he finds out “the most important thing they’ve ever learned” —WOW!

As former Chair of the Producers Guild of America for New Media, a Feature Film Producer and Visual EffectsSupervisor in Hollywood for almost 30 years, I have met and worked with100’s of Celebrities, from “Arnold” & Anthony Hopkins to Angelina Jolie & Colin Farrell etc… and not ONCE did I think, “What could I learn from them?”  

Crazy, right?! (Stupid, Maybe?)  These Shining Stars are constantly in the media, about every aspect of their lives, from childhood to relationships to how tough their journey has been to how they made their great successes.  We see them daily, and yet I rarely thought to turn that mirror on me and see how this knowledge could effect my life.

I breezed through Clint Arthur’s “Wisdom of the Men”— and I say breezed though because it a quick read. 

While they are all different stories, they flow together in a fascinating life story.  It’s a collection of funny, touching and raw, real stories that make you think first of all, “Wow this guy has a lot of gumption.” 

At first I thought it was just great stories of people he’s met in his life, and that alone was interesting and compelling. I mean this guy walks up to, and finds him self in the presence (or rather, creates the opportunity) to interact with these people — correction celebrities — most people would be too intimidated to approach. These are not just, ‘the guy that looks familiar but you can’t remember their name — These are true Superstars that you get a glimpse into what they find important and life changing.

After one or two stories I realized the lessons that were emerging from each of these experiences were truly deep and coming from human experiences forged by intensity of living in the spotlight and under constant scrutiny.  

This book also shows bravery and honesty on the author’s part, as he reveals his flaws and reactions in a way that is inspiring as he takes a leap (actually several) and we are pulled into the way he seems to live his life — the reader can really learn not just from the celebrities, but from the author himself too.  

And yet each of these chapters, from Mick Jagger and Martha Stewart to 5 US Presidents (not any politics here by the way – just true life lessons from world leaders) and so many more.  It reveals all of their specific “gems” — of how they live their lives, how they treat people, how they achieved success or failure, and so much more.  

This book caused me to stop and reflect on the lessons I probably should have learned, but did not take the time to, when Anthony Hopkin was sitting with me on the set of Francis Ford’s Dracula as we drank tea. He was interviewing ME about visual FX, curious and interested — and it makes me think of so many other missed opportunities to learn from these amazing “unicorns” (as the author, Clint Arthur, refers to them.)

But one BIG step further, what things did I (or do we all) miss from all the people in our lives? 

Read this book because you’ll learn from how the author approaches his fun, daring and adventurous life— and maybe you’ll add a little more of his spirit in YOUR life (I did!);

Read this because the stories are amazing, fun,compelling, touching, and interesting; 

Read this because you’ll learn from the lessons in these stories; 

But most of all — Read this because it will push you to take a look in the mirror at your own life and realize what you have been missing — the lessons that slipped by you from your grandparents, your spouse, your kids, or even  strangers. 

Read “Wisdom Of The Men” and think about the lessons you have yet to learn. And in the meantime,enjoy a fun & entertaining read! (Audible, Kindle, Hardcover) 

Alison Savitch: Producers Guild of America Chair for New Media, and VFX Supervisor/Producer of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Francis Ford Coppola’sDracula, Mortal Kombat, The Shadow, Last Action Hero, Beowulf, From Dusk Till Dawn 3, Highlander: Endgame, etc.

Nicole White

Nicole White stands as a distinguished figure in the world of entertainment journalism, holding dual roles as both an Editor and Contributor for the reputable Cover Hollywood Magazine. Her name has become synonymous with providing in-depth, thought-provoking pieces that offer readers a fresh perspective on Hollywood's buzzing scene.

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