As a mother, Jessica Biel claims that she feels as though she is “constantly being pulled in a million directions.”

Jessica Biel is speaking up on the difficulties in striking a balance while being a working mother.

The actress said she feels like she’s “constantly being pushed in a million directions” as a mother of two children, sons Phineas, 2, and Silas, 7, whom she shares with husband Justin Timberlake, during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday.

“Trying to balance your whole life while trying to be around your kids, spend time with your partners and friends, and yet find time for yourself and your profession is not simple,” she said. It’s very difficult.

She admitted that, in terms of trying to strike a balance, “I don’t think I’ve done that successfully necessarily yet.” “I feel like I’m always being tugged in a million different directions, and I guess I do that thing where I’m like, ‘It’s all fantastic,’ but inside is like a wild turmoil of ocean waves crashing and I’m stressing out over trying to sort it all out,” the speaker said.
The best parenting tip she’s ever heard, according to Biel, helped her maintain a healthy balance.

“You can’t work on both at once. When you wrestle on the floor, that’s where you wrestle. Don’t do anything—don’t answer the phone, don’t look at something related to your job, don’t text anyone. You’re grappling on the ground, “She revealed. “That is what my family does. a great deal of wrestling”

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