Highly Acclaimed Executive Director and Producer Tyrone Jackson talks TV and what lies ahead

Tyrone Jackson is an executive director and producer on the rise to becoming one of Hollywood’s most notable TV Mogul. He has set himself up for success on his new hit show Hot in Hollywood after working as an executive producer for hit shows and specials such as After MidnightHollywood Drop, and The Mark Curry Christmas Special. If you aren’t following the success of Tyrone Jackson, you’re missing out. 

It all started as a teenager with Jackson’s adoration for Broadway musicals when he attended New York’s High School of the Performing arts. The school with which televisions The Move and Fame are based off of. How creative elements would come together in a theater and make a production come to life mystified Jackson; he saw it as pure magic. This fascination with production led to dreams of becoming a renowned figure in the television industry, and he wasn’t going to go on without fame. Jackson has jokingly said, “If I weren’t famous, I would be working on being famous.”

His success was not stage-managed in one night, but 30 years later in the entertainment industry, Jackson has learned the tricks of the trade and secrets to a successful career in television. He says, “I’ve learned the elements of storytelling and what TV audiences tend to favor most. For example, these days, TV audiences love getting up close and personal with their favorite celebrities. They also love hearing celebrities discuss their creative process as artists. That includes comedy, drama, stand-up, etc.” Jackson’s ongoing success is made possible by his passion. No matter how much television has changed, he continues to see the beauty of storytelling and holds this close to his heart. 

Jackson’s latest project, Hot in Hollywood, is a half-hour entertainment show highlighting the careers and successes of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, and so many more. He believes that the issue related to TV today is that interviews are only eight minutes or less, which isn’t nearly enough time to capture the most quintessential parts of a conversation. But, Jackson says, “Magical interviews happen with interviews that are twenty-eight minutes or more,” which is the very reason why his show is becoming widely acclaimed. 

Hot in Hollywood has aired ten episodes in its first season profiling the most A-list celebrities and actors such as Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Anniston, and Tom Cruise. 

When asked what Jackson wanted to be remembered for, he stressed the importance of his creative works and his impact on the people around him. Jackson said, “Professionally, I would like to be remembered as a director or producer who took the audience on an adventure that was hard to turn away from. My goal is to produce shows that have worldwide appeal. But as a person, I’d like to be remembered as a guy who helped others succeed.”

Certainly, Tyrone Jackson will be remembered as the man who gave celebrities the time to have a conversation that looked further beneath the surface. His message to fans is, “I promise you don’t want to miss the next episode of anything with my name associated with it.” 

Follow Tyrone’s success and check out Hot in Hollywood in their upcoming season on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX-affiliated stations.

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