Hailey Bieber Styled Her Mismatched Bikini With A Necklace of Mushrooms

Having unrestricted access to your partner’s wardrobe is one of the many benefits of being in a relationship, in addition to the hotter sex, romantic fulfilment, and general happiness. Sharing is caring—hashtag. Given that Hailey Bieber recently wore her husband Justin’s jewellery on Instagram, I believe she would concur.

The model and beauty tycoon tweeted a photo gallery of bikini looks on Wednesday (bless her). In the first image, Bieber was seen sporting flared, high-rise jeans and a mismatched black-and-white printed bikini top, with one side featuring a pineapple print and the other a mushroom print. Her neck was adorned with either a nearly identical piece of jewellery to the tacky mushroom necklace Justin wears all the time.
The silver ball chain was provided by Omnis Studios and featured vibrant glass mushroom charms. (Scroll down to see Justin’s use of the same necklace to complement a sharp suit.) This delightfully unique model is now available and retails for $195. Bieber added a few strands of pearls for good measure to finish off the fun neck stack; it was a wonderful touch.

More images from her trip to Jamaica can be seen on the carousel, one of which shows her wearing a black bucket hat and a cheeky mint green bikini. Your girl has obviously been doing well.

Nicole White

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