After a surprise Las Vegas wedding, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are seen kissing in a Paris park.

Following their Vegas wedding, photographers caught Bennifer cuddling up to each other in France.

After having a surprise wedding in Las Vegas, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are now taking advantage of the city of love. The newlyweds were seen early on Friday morning in Paris as they sat on the same park bench for more than two hours holding hands, kissing, and hugging, a source tells People. Last weekend, Jennifer and Benny were united in marriage in a private ceremony at A Little White Chapel.

The insider also said to the site, “There weren’t many people about at that hour of the morning, so they weren’t disturbed. They were really affectionate and attentive, like two teenagers sitting on a park bench. Just them it was.” Later, the couple took their kids on a stroll across the city as they visited different sights and even took a journey over the Seine. The source said, “They never let go of one another, whether they were holding hands, giving each other a caress, or stroking each other on the back. They resembled two bees trapped in honey.”

After waiting for two decades, the pair was married last weekend. Bennifer originally started dating in the early 2000s, and they even got engaged. However, they called off their wedding because the invasive media attention and on-going public scrutiny proved to be too much for the pair to manage. They split up in 2004, after which they got married to other partners and had kids with them. Following a year of dating, the pair last year in 2021 reignited their long-dormant relationship and were hitched in July 2022 after announcing their engagement in April.

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