Camila Cabello discloses in a TikTok dance that she tested positive for COVID-19.

Pitbull is playing as Camila Cabello announces that she has been diagnosed with Corona.

Camila Cabello announced her COVID-19 infection on Monday on TikTok. However, the 25-year-old singer’s declaration was no easy task as she bounced about in her bed while jamming to a Pitbull song and lip-syncing the words. In the video, Cabello performs a concert in her room while using her medicine as a microphone.

Cabello just rocked to Pitbull’s remix of Watagatapitusberry while tagging the video with the phrase “I got the rona.” According to ET Canada, the singer of Senorita afterwards changed apps and shared a Tiktok on her Instagram story with the message, “If u have the rona and still going to live it up in solitude make some f**kin noise.” The singer is now experiencing a hectic period since her most recent album, Familia, was released in April. At the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final, Cabello performed a performance with a carnival theme the next month, spitting fire on stage as she did so. At the performance, she sang her greatest songs such as Senorita, Bam Bam, Havana, and Don’t Go Yet.

While all was going on, recently, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Cabello spoke about shielding herself from the spotlight after the breakup of her two-year, well publicised engagement with Shawn Mendes. The same way I shield my emotions with everything else, she continued. Added she, “I just avoid [the internet]. I don’t pay attention to what others say and just wait for time to pass.”

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