Brad Pitt Has a Wide Range of Tattoos! View Images of His Tattoos and the Inspiration for Each One

A long time ago, there were tattoos! Over the course of his career, Brad Pitt has acquired a sizable collection of tattoos, but most of them have just lately come to the attention of the public. In July 2022, the Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood actor appeared on the red carpet to support his action movie Bullet Train and displayed an enigmatic leg style.

Fans were able to see the drawings on both of Brad’s legs since he was wearing a skirt for the premiere: a human skull on the left and a rhinoceros on the right. In addition, the Fight Club actor had other tattoos done in the past in tribute to his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

With his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star, the Academy Award winner had a Rumi quotation that says, “There exists a field, beyond all concepts of good and evil,” tattooed on one of his biceps in 2014. There, I shall meet you.

In addition, he had the initials of Angie and their kids tattooed on his right forearm and stomach as a tribute to Angie’s birthday. Six children—Shieloh, Zahara, Maddox, Pax, and twins Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt—were born to the former couple:

Although Angie is often observed with their kids when they are out and about, Brad hasn’t been as frequently, most likely as a result of their continuing custody dispute. But in July 2022, he allegedly took a flight to Italy to see them.

A source exclusively revealed to Life & Style that month that “despite the continuing custody fight between Brad and Angelina, he does spend time with the kids, albeit in a private environment.”

Brad has discussed the course of his acting career, even though he puts his kids first. The Se7en actor confessed he was “on [his] final leg” in Hollywood in an interview for GQ’s July 2022 cover issue, stating he was thinking about how he would handle “this last semester or trimester” in the limelight.

In his interview, Brad said, “Out here in California, there’s a lot of discussion about ‘being your real self. “The question, ‘What does ‘authentic’ mean? It was [for me] coming to terms with the profound wounds we all have.

While the founder of the production business Plan B Entertainment spoke candidly about accepting his real self, it seems like his tattoos could provide viewers some insight into his creative process.

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