Chris Rock makes a joke on the Oscars slap incident after Will Smith’s apologetic video.

During a recent comedy performance, Chris Rock responded to Will Smith’s recent apologetic video for the Oscars slap.

Will Smith’s slap incident with Chris Rock at the Academy Awards was one of the year’s most stunning events. Months after the Oscars slap, Will Smith apologised to the comedian and termed his behaviour “inappropriate.” Following the apologetic video, Chris Rock made a joke about the situation on one of his most recent programmes.

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According to Page Six, the comic mounted the stage and likened King Richard to the imprisoned Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight. Chris Rock remarked throughout his act, “Everyone tries to be a f*g victim. Nobody will hear the true victims if everyone pretends to be a victim. Even being slapped by Suge Smith… I went to work the following day because I had children.”
“Anyone who believes words hurt has never been hit in the face,” the comic said.

This isn’t the first time Chris has made light of the situation. The comedian made no formal remarks on Will Smith’s social media apologies, which occurred hours after the event, nor did he address the actor’s subsequent video apology.

Smith recently uploaded a video in which he detailed his interaction with Rock after the confrontation and said, “I contacted Chris, and the response was that he is not yet ready to speak, but that he would reach out when he is. Chris, please accept my sincere apologies. My behaviour was inappropriate, and I’m available to speak with you anytime you’re ready.”

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