Khloe Kardashian, the reality TV star and businesswoman, made a shocking revelation on the second episode of Season 2 of the Kardashians.

During the episode, she revealed that Tristan Thompson, her former partner, had proposed to her nearly two years ago. The news took many by surprise, as the couple had gone through a tumultuous relationship and eventual break-up.

The Good American founder revealed that Tristan had proposed to her, but she had turned down the proposal. Despite the rejection, she chose to keep the news private and not share it with the public until now. The proposal was a significant moment in their relationship, and it was one of the reasons why the couple stayed together for as long as they did.

Khloé and Tristan had a roller coaster relationship, with several ups and downs. They first started dating in 2016, and in 2018, they welcomed their daughter, True Thompson, into the world. However, their relationship was plagued by rumors of infidelity, and they eventually broke up in 2019.

Despite the challenges they faced, Khloé has always maintained a positive outlook on her relationship with Tristan. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said, “I’m grateful for our journey because it’s brought us to where we are today. I’m a better person because of it, and I’m grateful for our love story for what it is.”

Khloé’s revelation has once again sparked discussions about her relationship with Tristan, and many fans are speculating about the reasons behind her rejection of the proposal. While the truth may never be known, one thing is clear – Khloé is a strong and resilient woman who has been through a lot and come out the other side even stronger.

In conclusion, Khloé Kardashian’s revelation about Tristan Thompson’s proposal has sent shockwaves through the reality TV world. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, Khloé remains a positive and determined woman who is always looking forward to the future.

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