Oscar Isaac Hints at a Possible ‘Star Wars’ Comeback, Saying, “I’m Open to Anything”

Throughout the three films that make up the Star Wars sequel trilogy—”The Force Awakens” (2015), “The Last Jedi” (2017), and “The Rise of Skywalker” (2019)—Oscar Isaac created quite an impression as Resistance pilot Poe Dameron.

Despite his apparent aversion to participating in any more large blockbusters, he has gone from HBO’s “Scenes From A Marriage” to Disney’s other major property, Marvel, appearing as the eponymous hero in “Moon Knight” for their Disney+ streaming service. The live-action series has yet to announce a second season, so Isaac might go back to the Star Wars universe if he wants to.

During an interview with Sirius XM, Isaac expounded on the circumstances under which he would return to the series. He had previously said that he might do so if Daisy Ridley returned as Rey and John Boyega returned as Finn to complete the Resistance three.

Oscar Isaac Says Returning To ‘Star Wars’ Would Require A Lot Of Changes

The actor from “Ex Machina” told Jess Cagle in an interview transcribed by The Direct that he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to return to the series at that time. Fans have only seen a peek of the characters’ lives after the Star Wars sequel trilogy in the animated LEGO Summer Vacation special and other LEGO specials.

Since many of Disney+’s shows are set before the events of the second trilogy, it’s probable that it may be a while before we see another instalment in the Skywalker Saga. Cage asked Isaac point-blank if he’d be interested in playing Poe Dameron again in the future.

And with everything going with Star Wars, for example,” Cagle asked. Whether or whether you’re a member of these conversations… Do you ever tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll probably get to go back to Poe Dameron at some point, or do you ever think, “I’ll probably get to go back to Poe Dameron at some point”? It’s been done by myself. I’m just not that into it. Of course, the choice is always on the table.

“Hmm. Not sure. I can’t say that I am aware of that. Isaac said, “I mean, I’m open to anything, you never know.” Yet, certainly, there isn’t… I just don’t care too much either way. I’m interested in hearing about and participating in any fantastic idea or narrative. The passage of time also. As you become older and have children, you may find that time is the most difficult obstacle to overcome.

Where do these items even belong? Start getting the idea that “there really isn’t enough time to do everything,” he said. But if a fantastic narrative and a wonderful director came to me and Kathy Kennedy said, “Hey, we’ve got this idea, you know, I’m so, so open to it.”

Isaac is most known for his portrayal as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars franchise, despite his recent appearance in the Disney+ series “Moon Knight.” Cagle was wondering whether the Danish people knew Isaac because of his numerous roles in both indie films and Hollywood blockbusters, which he is now shooting there.

“Oscar, what do people question you about the most when you go across the globe, as you are in Denmark right now?” Asked Cagle. Because you’ve been an integral part of these massive international brands. Is it a Star Wars thing or what?

So I’m in this little town far above it all, and they just held a mini music festival below. And, as Isaac put it, “it was startling to see such young children there.” “When I found out about it, my reaction was ‘Whoa.’ However, it was mostly adolescents and young adults, and there were a few instances when people were just shouting, “Star Wars. Star Wars!” All I’d hear is “Star Wars!”

“It was a fantastic experience. I mean, I felt fantastic,” he went on. What occurred up here, well, that happened. In general, I consider Star Wars. Yes, Moon Knight, a little more. Those are the big ones, you know. “Those are the ones, since they’re the larger tent projects.

Disney+ now has the Star Wars sequel trilogy and “Moon Knight” accessible to stream.

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