The Marilyn Monroe estate APPEALS to critics who have complained about Ana de Armas’ accent in Blonde.

The Marilyn Monroe Estate supports Ana de Armas’ portrayal of the diva in her performance.

Fans flocked to Ana de Armas, who is playing Marilyn Monroe, after the first trailer for the Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde was released. The majority of online users complained about Armas’ accent, which was reportedly still audible in the movie. The Deep Water actress’s heritage is Cuban-Spanish, thus when she speaks English, her accent is unavoidably strong.

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The Marilyn Monroe Estate stepped forward to defend Armas when they learned of the insults levelled at the actress who had spent months perfecting her accent. According to Page Six, Marc Rosen, the head of entertainment at Authentic Brands Group, which owns the Marilyn Monroe Estate, defended Armas in a statement to Variety. Any actor who takes on that job is aware of the enormous expectations they face.

Marilyn Monroe is a unique Hollywood and pop culture icon that spans generations and history, continued Rosen. He continued by praising the actress for portraying the renowned actress, “Ana appears to have been a wise casting decision based only on the teaser, which shows how well she embodies Marilyn’s glitz, compassion, and vulnerability. We are eager to watch the complete movie.”

Armas, meanwhile, previously talked openly about the agonising process of teaching herself to speak like Monroe. In an interview with The Sunday Times from last year, the actress described the procedure as “It only took me nine months of dialect coaching and practise, as well as some ADR sessions, she said, adding, “It was a great pain, very exhausting. My head was burned.”

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