VIRTUE Clan Announces Partnership with HOC to Auction a Massive Collection of Michael Jackson Memorabilia Worth £2.5 Million Up

One of the largest collections of Michael Jackson memorabilia is being auctioned right now with an estimated value of £2.5 million by House of Consultants in partnership with VIRTUE Clan.

The 32,000 items linked with The King of Pop are being sold as a single lot in a private auction on behalf of an anonymous owner.The collection includes items like the original Billie Jean gloves used on stage by Michael worth up to £185,000, the Billie Jean costume valued at £325,000, a £67,000 shirt worn in the 1995 Scream music video and thousands of other items including furniture, accessories and collectibles.

The collection was originally intended for a museum in Los Angeles, but plans fell through and it is now being auctioned through the House of Consultants. This is a rare opportunity to buy cultural heritage from the most influential artist of the century.

Nicole White

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