Emerging as one of the most versatile singing sensations, enter Chozxn, a much-talked-about singer and songwriter

One of the major reasons for his songs to connect so deeply with listeners is their relatability and diverse musical expressions.

The massive developments and changes that a few sectors around the world have attained have attracted the attention of people all over and made them wonder about the many factors that have been instrumental in bringing such waves of change in those industries. Besides the many tech advancements across almost every industry, the relentless drive and passion of a few professionals have made all the difference there is in those niches today. The same incredible changes have been noticed in the music world, thanks to rising artists like Chozxn, who has proved his mettle as a singer and songwriter.

Chozxn is one of those rare music artists, who believed in his visions of offering listeners and music lovers something new and refreshing, something that they can feel the most relatable and be hooked to for the longest time, and that’s what he did with each of his singles and albums. His versatility in creating these music gems has been one of the major reasons to make him stand unique in the highly competitive industry. His talented vocals have led to exquisite melodies that people absolutely love listening to, which can also be attributed to his diversity in ballads, and his unique musical expressions. His producer Kevin Posey has now released an album, “Yellow Roses,” in which Chozxn has three incredible tracks.

Interestingly, before becoming a rising recording artist, Chozxn spent his days in the Kanto Plain of Japan, where his dancing skills were widely appreciated. Growing up in Georgia and Alabama, his family always encouraged him to dance his heart out, and he never disappointed, impersonating the legend Michael Jackson’s iconic moves. This helped him gain recognition at after-parties at Alabama State University. However, a certain injury put a hold on his dancing career, and this later drove him toward the world of singing while he recovered from his surgery.

Chozxn then began performing at all the popular clubs in Yokohama and Tokyo areas in the early 2000s, and now he is gradually making it huge in the world of music. Currently, he is collaborating with artists from Oklahoma, Atlanta, and New Zealand and all his music are available on major streaming sites like Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/1TZFZFeNgMSIT76IP0mBGv?autoplay=true).

To know more, follow him on Instagram @official.chozxn.

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