Phillip Sanders: Charting New Territory in Country Music with ‘Running From The Rain’

Phillip Sanders, the multifaceted country singer, songwriter, artist, and entrepreneur, has been captivating audiences with his unique blend of music and business acumen. Since launching his career as a singer and songwriter in 2016, Sanders has achieved a string of hits that have earned him accolades and top positions on various music charts.

His latest release, “Running From The Rain,” showcases Sanders’ growth as an artist and serves as a testament to his unwavering passion for creating soul-stirring music. You can watch the official music video for “Running From The Rain” here:

Running From The Rain By Phillip Sanders

In the few years since his musical debut, Sanders has amassed an impressive discography that includes chart-toppers such as “We Do that in the Country,” “Drink You Down,” “What I Didn’t Do,” “With Her I Am,” “Over a Beer,” “Lay You Down & Love You,” “Another You,” and “If I Didn’t Love You Girl.” His continuous success has earned him three nominations in the Josie Awards – Independent Music Awards held in Nashville and Grand Ole Opry in October 2022. His hit song, “If I Didn’t Love You Girl,” has garnered 1.5 million views on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Born and raised in Florida, Phillip Sanders comes from a family of esteemed singers and songwriters. As a devoted father and husband, Sanders works closely with his wife, Mercedes Sanders, to create entrepreneurial ventures alongside his thriving music career. Their latest collaboration, “Matador,” is a men’s fragrance produced in partnership with Graciano Ltd., a company renowned for crafting custom fragrances for men and owned by Mercedes Sanders.

Phillip Sanders’ background as a commercial investment entrepreneur has shaped his approach to supporting his wife’s business endeavors. Together, the power couple has successfully ventured into various industries, including oil and gas, wine, and men’s cologne. Mercedes Sanders’ contribution to her husband’s music is equally notable.

Currently, Sanders is laser-focused on his music career, striving to offer a fresh perspective on country music that listeners have yet to experience. His dedication to his craft has led him to hold the #1 spot on the top 100 Artist Direct’s trending weekly artists list for 11 consecutive weeks.

Though Sanders initially aspired to be a songwriter, he embraced singing when faced with the challenge of finding the right singer for his songs. This move has inspired countless fans to chase their dreams, regardless of age or circumstance.

Phillip Sanders aims to promote healthy relationships, love, and genuine emotions through his music, challenging the melancholic undertones often associated with country music. His journey exemplifies the hard work and dedication required to achieve success, but to Sanders, true success lies in enjoying the process and living life to the fullest.

As Sanders continues to passionately produce exceptional traditional country music and promote his various entrepreneurial ventures, including the men’s cologne and wine, he invites fans to join him on his musical and business journey through his social media handles:

Instagram: @PhillipSandersMusic Website: Facebook: @PhillipSandersMusic Apple Music: @Phillip-Sanders Twitter: @PhillipTXMusic

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