Mercedes E Bike

Launch of the eBike Collection by the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team

In order to showcase some of the most technologically advanced eBikes available, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team has developed a collection of four eBikes. Mercedes’ design, inventiveness, and power combine to create some of the most sought-after luxury goods of 2022 in the shape of these streamlined, lightweight, sleek, and high-performance electric motorcycles. Four versions are included in the collection: the Formula E ($3,450), Silver Arrows ($4,500), Silver Arrows Sport ($4,950), and a new, highly-efficient Championship Edition ($5,800), which also functions as a 750W, dual-motor rocket ship.

  • A minimalistic Mercedes-Benz design with hidden batteries and a motor are a few of the standout characteristics.
  • A phone charging feature and a digital LCD dashboard with a password-activated security immobiliser.
  • Up to 75 miles of range and a peak speed of 28 mph.
  • Continuous variable gearbox and a carbon belt drive for a quiet and comfortable ride.
    — Aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and 700C light alloy wheels.
  • Up to 20,000 miles of maintenance for carbon belt drives.
  • Three and a half hours is all it takes to recharge.

Visit for additional details or to buy an n+ Mercedes EQ eBike collection, or contact one of the partner Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

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Formula E Team eBike

Rs. 279,000.00

Now with 25% more torque combined with a mid drive power unit and constant variable transmission delivers world class performance and handling.

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