Prosecutor demands 8 years in jail and a USD 23 million punishment in the Shakira tax fraud case.

The newest stunning step in Shakira’s tax fraud case occurred after the 45-year-old singer rejected prosecutors’ plea bargain to resolve the case.

Shakira might be facing jail time in the near future! According to a prosecutor’s office document acquired by Reuters, a Spanish prosecutor is seeking an eight-year jail term for the Hips Don’t Lie singer in connection with a 14.5 million euro tax fraud case in which he is accused of defrauding Spain’s government. If Shakira is found guilty, she would be fined more than 23 million euros (USD 23.5 million).

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The most recent surprising development occurred when Shakira rejected a plea bargain offered by prosecutors to resolve the case. For the uninitiated, Shakira reportedly failed to pay taxes from 2012 to 2014, but the 45-year-old singer maintains she was not in Spain at the time. According to the prosecutor’s document, Shakira was ordinarily resident in Spain during that time, and in May 2012, she allegedly brought a house in Barcelona that eventually became a family home for Shakira, former partner FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué, and their son Milan, who was born in Spain in 2013. Sasha, the ex-son, couple’s was born in 2015.

Shakira’s manager insists that the singer “is totally certain of her innocence” and that the tax fraud prosecution is a “complete breach of her rights.” The Queen of Latin Pop first claimed that she had paid the 17.2 million euros that the Spanish tax office said she owed, despite the fact that she had no outstanding obligation with the tax authorities.

The trial date has not yet been established. Intriguingly, Shakira’s tax problems surfaced only a month after she and Gerard Piqué announced their divorce in June.

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