This Russian millionaire supplied Armani outfits and suits to everyone who was invited to his wedding so that everyone would follow the dress code.

Heaven is where marriages are formed, however some weddings also bring heaven to Earth. Angelina Jolie, a Serbian, and Russian child prodigy tied the knot in a lavish $30 million ceremony in 2005. According to Lenta, Andrey Melnichenko wed Alexandra Nikolic in 2004 after they first met at a party. The pair wasted no time in starting to organise their wedding, which was set for the first week of September 2005. The iconic vocalist Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and the father-and-son Iglesias combination, Julio and Enrique, all gave performances at the multi-million dollar spectacular.

Three hundred guests attended one of the most talked-about weddings, where they enjoyed magnificent performances and the most wonderful cuisine prepared by Alain Ducasse, a renowned chef with Michelin stars in the 2000s. The fact that each woman received an Armani dress for the event and the guys received stylish tuxedos from the Maison stands out as the most thrilling feature of this wedding. Talk about making sure the wedding’s theme is adhered to to the letter.

The bride and groom went above and above to ensure that the dress code of their fantasy wedding was realised and were gracious enough to avoid adding any extra charges to the guest’s experience.
Given that the initial letter of the names of the Melnichenko spouses is “A,” Andrei Melnichenko’s $500 million boat, not many people, yachting lovers or not, are aware of this. With masts taller than Big Ben, this 470-foot-long, eight-decker is the biggest sailing boat in the world. Following the invasion of Ukraine, Andrey Melnichenko allegedly attended a televised meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, for which the EU imposed sanctions.

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