Zelensky receives the Oscar from Sean Penn

During a visit to Kyiv, American actor and filmmaker Sean Penn presented Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with one of his Oscar statuettes.

On Tuesday, November 8, the actor presented Zelensky with one of the two Oscars he won for best actor in the films “Mystic River” and “Milk” in 2004 and 2009. Clearly intended as both a “symbol of faith” and his belief in the nation’s success in the continuing struggle with Russia.

It’s only a meaningless sign, but if I know it’s there, I’ll feel better and be able to handle the battles. I’ll feel lot better knowing there is a piece of me here, so when you win, bring it back to Malibu,” the Hollywood star urged.
According to a video posted on President Zelensky’s Telegram account, the 62-year-old actor was sat next to the Ukrainian president at a formal table and used his arm to accentuate his points while staff members grinned and chuckled.

III Degree Order of Merit given to Penn

In exchange, President Zelensky awarded Penn the Order of Merit III degree of Ukraine for fostering contacts, supporting the country’s territorial integrity, and promoting the nation. Additionally, the Ukrainian president said, “It’s not from me, it’s from Ukraine.”

In the description of an Instagram video, Zelensky said that Penn had previously visited Ukraine three times during the full-scale conflict.

He said, “This time our encounter was exceptional,” noting that Sean had brought his Oscar trophy as a testament to his belief in the success of our nation. Up until the conclusion of the war, it will remain in Ukraine.

a travel ban in Russia

Penn, who is well-known for his political activity and films, made his third trip to a combat zone to chronicle political unrest and the ongoing conflict; his first visit was in March.

Two men were seen in a video he recorded on February 24, the day of the Russian invasion, approaching a plaque with his signature that was engraved in the paving stones of a “Alley of Courage” Zelensky had established in August to commemorate Ukrainian allies.

Russia sanctioned the well-known person as a result and barred him from entering the country indefinitely. The cause? criticising its conflict in Ukraine Naturally, as a result, he and fellow actor Ben Stiller were added to Russia’s “Stop List” by Kremlin officials.

“[It is] already a painful error of lives lost and hearts destroyed, and if he doesn’t relent, I believe [Russian president] Mr. [Vladimir] Putin will have committed a very terrible mistake for all of humankind,” Penn said at the time.
The Ukrainian people and President [Volodymyr] Zelensky have emerged as legendary figures of valour and morality, he said. “The point of the spear in the democratic embrace of hopes is Ukraine.”

Later in his nightly video message, Zelensky, a former comic and actor himself, said that Penn had been “doing everything to assist us collect international support” ever since he had visited the Ukrainian capital on the day of the invasion.

At the Oscars, Zelensky

The actor had earlier vowed to “smelt” his Oscar if the Academy Award Committee did not allow Zelensky to attend at the 2022 Oscars, even though doing so would have broken a clause forbidding award recipients from selling or disposing of the tangible prize.

There is nothing the Academy Awards could do, in his words, “better than to offer him the opportunity to communicate to all of us.” This individual has a thorough understanding of the film industry and a very lengthy and prosperous career in it.

“It is my understanding that a decision has been reached not to do it,” he continued. I’m not going to comment on whether or not President Zelensky wanted to do it.

During his visit, Penn also told Zelensky that “all of my life’s glory will be in three places in the globe. The location of the births of my son and daughter, as well as this.

Discussions on joining the Ukrainian Forces

The celebrity acknowledged to Hollywood Authentic magazine in April of this year that he had thought about enlisting in the Ukrainian military to combat Russia.

Fighting has to enter your mind if you’ve gone to Ukraine, and you start to wonder what century we’re in. because I was at the Brentwood gas station the other day and I’m now considering waging war on Russia? What the f— is happening?

Zelensky commended Penn for his efforts as well as those of the other honorees, including Boris Johnson, the former British prime minister, the presidents of the European Commission, Latvia, and Poland, as well as the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia.

In addition to serving as a “reminder to all future generations of our people that diverse individuals, forces, and industries united for our triumph,” he added it was also a gesture of thanks to notable persons who stand up for freedom with Ukrainians.

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