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Artist Plastic Jesus Is Unveiling His First Solo Exhibition at the LA Art Box

Plastic Jesus is hosting his first solo art exhibition, GUILTY PLEASURES, at The LA Art Box in West Hollywood from November 17th through November 20th. 

GUILTY PLEASURES, kicks off with an exclusive VIP opening event on the 17th, followed by three days that are open and free to the public for all to enjoy. 

Plastic Jesus is the artist behind the Harvey Weinstein dressing gown statue and putting bars over Trump’s Hollywood star. His art provokes serious discussions centred around the topics many aren’t comfortable discussing, including gun reform, abortion rights, immigration, the judicial system, etc. 

The LA Art Box and Plastic Jesus, through the upcoming show, give space for people to engage in these discussions. It encourages people to work through their differences and share experiences in a safe space. Plastic Jesus knows he can’t change the world but can start the conversation. 

If you’re unfamiliar, Plastic Jesus is a Los Angeles-based street artist specializing in large-scale installations inspired by world news events, society, culture, and politics. Plastic Jesus doesn’t intend to start a revolution with his art nor does he embrace anarchy, but he is determined to shine any light that he can on the dark corners of society. He is committed to producing provocative street art that stems from a two-decade-long career as a news photographer. 

Since he has taken on the persona as Plastic Jesus his work has been featured by national and global media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Time, USA Today, and many more. 

Collectors of the street artist’s work include Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, and Anna Wintour. His art has even been featured at the Smithsonian Institute in D.C. After he has garnered so much public interest and requests, it is no wonder Plastic Jesus is finally unveiling his solo art exhibition.

Plastic Jesus and The LA Art Box perfectly align in their missions to highlight culture and issues. The LA Art Box is an AAPI and female-owned art gallery in West Hollywood that shares art that connects to the issues that matter in the community and is powered beyond profits. 

The exhibit will feature new and old pieces by Plastic Jesus that might make people uncomfortable or uneasy, but to have meaningful conversations, we have to move past the awkward stages that prevent us from having meaningful conversations. 

It is the show of 2022 not to be missed.

For more information, and to register for a free ticket visit here.

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