After receiving two Emmy nominations, Sydney Sweeney discusses fatigue.

After reaching her career’s pinnacle of success, Sydney Sweeney discusses her battles with anxiety and terror.

As a two-time Emmy nominee who still feels like an outsider in the film business, Sydney Sweeney spoke candidly about her profession and its difficult paths. In a recent edition of The Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney spoke openly with the publication about her life, its hardships, and the joys she has had since becoming well-known for her role in the HBO series Euphoria.

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In the conversation, Sweeney discussed her first experience with burnout this summer. The panic episodes took hold of Sweeney in June, she said, adding, “I was losing my shit.” Sweeney decided to take a getaway to her native Pacific Northwest in order to better manage her anxiety. While “hiking and skiing and doing what I actually enjoy,” she went two weeks with her family without using her phone. Although the retreat provided temporary relief, Sweeney said, “I still can’t get my thoughts to quiet up, and I don’t sleep.”

Sweeney explained how, after her little break, she realised how damaging the demanding pace of back-to-back film and television assignments was to her life. The lesson itself, according to Sweeney, is difficult to learn when one is at the height of one’s popularity and continually feels pressure to do better at work or the fear of losing the momentum one has built up through a lot of perseverance.

Regarding her forthcoming ventures, the actress is now quite busy preparing for her role in the Marvel movie Madame Web. Even though Sweeney is not allowed to provide any details about the much awaited movie, she did say that one of the reasons she connected with her role was because she “loved the inner problems that the character goes through.”

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