The Olive Tree By Mariam Elhouli

A Beauty Business Queen and An Amazon Best Selling Author From Down Under Is On Her Way To Turn Her Book Into A Spectacular Movie

Mariam Elhouli is a sought-after serial business owner from Australia, owning powerful beauty labels with an unbelievable talent for writing powerful stories.

They say it only takes a dream to become what one aspires to be in life. But is it so easy for people to achieve? Do all those who dream go ahead in becoming their successful versions in their chosen careers? Well, if not all, the ones who never give up and the ones, who truly believe in themselves, their ideas, visions, and determination. No matter how cliché this may sound, but in the end, it is these qualities that help individuals turn into extraordinary success stories, making a name across the world. This is what a beauty business queen and an Amazon best-selling author named Mariam Elhouli is all about.

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Mariam Elhouli, a 33-year-old “mompreneur’ from down under, is well on her way to turning her book into a spectacular movie very soon. She is a high-performing serial entrepreneur who has to her credit multiple successful beauty labels like the organic skincare line Eve’s Skin and makeup line Mica Minerals. Besides this, she has always been on top of the headlines across major media outlets of the world for her unbelievable talent for writing powerful stories. In her own words, “My businesses did take me to greater success levels in life, but my passion for writing has helped me found a New Me,” she states.

What has astounded people currently is that Mariam Elhouli is already in talks with Netflix regarding her forthcoming book becoming a major Netflix series. She is in talks with the giant OTT platform for the same and is also working around other projects like a movie by a major production house. The self-made success story is a mother to five, who had penned her debut novel ‘The Olive Tree,’ which went ahead, becoming the #1 Amazon bestseller in four categories in no time. It is about a 16-year-old girl in war times. The gripping storyline has what attracted many, and thus talks are on for it to be made into a feature film.

It is not an everyday story where a mompreneur also becomes a successful best-selling author. It is amazing to see how this woman from down under, hidden from the world once, now is on the radar for some huge things coming her way.

It will be interesting to see what next is on Mariam Elhouli’s list of future projects.

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