Avril Lavigne Kisses Tyga at Paris Fashion Week After Mod Sun Breakup

Avril Lavigne, the Canadian singer-songwriter, has been making headlines recently following her rumored breakup with musician Mod Sun. However, it seems that the “Complicated” singer has already moved on, as she was seen sharing a kiss with rapper Tyga at a Paris Fashion Week party on March 6.

The duo was spotted at the party, which was held to celebrate actress Hunter Schafer’s new campaign with Mugler. Lavigne and Tyga were seen enjoying each other’s company throughout the night, with Lavigne wrapping her arms around Tyga’s neck as they shared a kiss.

This public display of affection seems to confirm the rumors that Lavigne and Tyga have been dating in recent weeks. The news has come as a surprise to many fans, as Lavigne was previously in a relationship with Mod Sun, which reportedly ended just a few weeks ago.

While neither Lavigne nor Tyga has commented on their relationship publicly, their PDA at the Paris Fashion Week party seems to speak volumes. Fans of both artists have taken to social media to express their excitement over the rumored romance, with many sharing their support and well wishes for the new couple.

Lavigne and Tyga are both well-known in the music industry, with Lavigne having sold over 40 million albums worldwide and Tyga having collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Their rumored relationship has sparked curiosity among fans, with many wondering what kind of music the duo might create together.

The Paris Fashion Week party was a star-studded event, with many other celebrities in attendance, including Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, and Winnie Harlow. However, it was Lavigne and Tyga’s PDA that stole the show, causing a stir among fans and fashionistas alike.

While it remains to be seen whether Lavigne and Tyga’s relationship will last, their public display of affection at Paris Fashion Week has certainly caused a buzz in the media and among fans. Only time will tell what kind of music and adventures these two talented artists will create together.

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