Get Red Carpet Ready with the Morpheus8, The Celebrity Beauty Secret

With red carpet season just around the corner, celebrities are turning to the one beauty secret that has taken over the industry: Morpheus8.

Morpheus8 has been popularized by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and continues to be the go-to for stars such as Bella Thorne, Jessica Simpson, and Lindsay Lohan. 

Millennial Plastic Surgery, owned by Dr. David. Shokrian is making waves as one of the first Manhattan-based Medspas to offer Morpheus8.

The revolutionary treatment combines radiofrequency energy and micro-needling to boost skin tone and collagen formation.

Dr. Shokrian’s 30-minute non-invasive procedure simply restores the patient’s natural beauty. The treatment affects skin tightening of the body, arms, thighs, and hands. According to the plastic surgeon, patients will immediately see the benefits of the Morpheus8 treatment and are left with improved skin tone and dramatic brightness and glow.

Morpheus8 is described as a “fractional treatment” using biomedical technology. The treatment targets deeper layers of the skin and enhances the anti-aging process.

Following the procedure, patients can expect small scabs in the treated area and slightly flaky, peeling skin. After the treatment, patients are recommended to avoid direct sunlight and moisturize the area frequently.

“The use of the microneedles and the radio frequency heat triggers the body’s own restorative mechanisms to kick into high gear and create collagen, close pores, increase elasticity and firm loose, saggy skin,” Dr. Shokrian says.

The Morpheus8 treatment remains Shokrian’s most recommended procedure due to its instant results and recovery time.

“Giving patients fast, effective results with almost no downtime. Your skin is the largest organ system in your body. Taking care of it is essential for your longevity and appearance,” he says. “The procedure costs approximately 2500 per session; three sessions are recommended 3-4 weeks apart for maximum benefit. But some patients will do a treatment every month with outstanding results.”

Dr. Shokrian also recommends this treatment to celebrities and non-celebrities alike who are on the journey of getting “red carpet ready.” The procedure will leave a noticeable difference, making the patient immediately feel more confident to take on the flashing camera lights.

“Having this procedure performed one day before a red carpet, combine it with our proprietary stem cell face mask infusion and see a remarkable difference the next morning. Your skin will radiate, require less makeup, and look youthful and rejuvenated,” Shokrian says.

Learn more about Dr. Shokrian and book your Morpheus treatment here.

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