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Tyler, the Creator is quite particular about his hats. The consistently elegant star has donned them all, from furry trapper hats and multicoloured beanies to bucket hats and berets. But Tyler has been donning a certain hat for the most of the past year: a fashionable and vintage-inspired baseball cap. He has worn it while performing in front of large crowds, walking the streets of New York City, accepting prizes in Beverly Hills, and sprinting around Paris Fashion Week. And at last, you can acquire one to wear as well.

The hat is a part of Tyler’s dreamlike, avant-garde menswear brand Golf le Fleur’s most recent lineup. The wool cap has a hand-stitched patch and a fashionable short brim that is modelled after baseball hats from 1914. It comes in black, white, green, and brown. Tyler collaborated with Ebbets Field Flannels, a company that has been producing high-quality products with a vintage aesthetic since 1988, to create the hat. The cap is part of a line by Golf le Fleur that also includes chain-stitched button-up shirts, leather work jackets, vests made of mohair, and many more high-powered garments. Many of the items are recognisable from some of Tyler’s costumes throughout the previous year, but the cap appears to be his favourite by far.

Tyler is maybe the best individual to demonstrate the variety of uses for a classic and uncomplicated hat like this one. The ideal setting is set by his lavish outfit of streetwear-inspired hues and prep-inclined basics. On one occasion, he wore it with a cardigan and silk scarf, while on another, he wore it with a patterned sweater and trousers. (We included that exact style in GQ’s round-up of the Biggest Fits of 2022 because we adored it so much.) Tyler, the Creator is the man to turn a vintage-inspired headgear into something that feels completely modern. Pick up yours below.

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