Buzzing high with his newest single, “Alchemy,” artist Lil’ C. Corleone gains massive recognition across North Carolina.

The new piping-hot single has created much buzz around the music scene in the US, gaining over 100K views on YouTube.

Isn’t it surreal to learn about all those people and professionals who, in ways, more than one, go ahead in making their name prominent in their chosen industries? Well, the world has been a witness to the rise of many such talented beings; however, among which, a few of them stand distinctive from the rest in incredible ways, but most importantly, for what unique they offer their audience or target demographic. In the music world, which has only seen a surge in the growth of several talented music artists, there have been a few who have done that and staggered everyone around them, just like Christopher LeMarc Peterson, most famously known by his stage name Lil’ C. Corleone did.

Lil’ C. Corleone ( is currently acingthe game of music in the US as a rising singer, rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur from Smithfield, North Carolina, the US by his newest single titled “Alchemy.” The video of the single has made audiences go nuts about him and his musical talents, which has what made the video earn more than 100K views on YouTube in almost three weeks. This has led Lil’ C. Corleone to become a buzzing name in North Carolina’s music scene in recent times.

The young American rapper and music artist has so far given many other notable singles and an album in his career, all of which have propelled him forward in the American music world as a one-of-a-kind music artist who showcases great promise to become a more recognized name in the coming years in the competitive industry.

Lil’ C. Corleone has never shied away from taking the required risks in his journey, which is also one of the primary reasons that have brought him so far in his career at a very young age, which is no easy feat for others his age in the music industry in the US.

People can follow him on Instagram @lilccorleone and listen to his tracks on Spotify,

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