HEARTBREAKING GOODBYE Melanie Martin, the mother of Aaron Carter, sobs and speaks heartbreakingly about the untimely passing of the rapper.

After the terrible death of the rapper at age 34, AARON Carter’s baby mother Melanie Martin sobbed and made a heartbreaking statement.

A house employee discovered the singer-turned-death rapper’s inside his Lancaster, California, home early on Saturday, according to a statement from police authorities sent to The U.S. Sun.
Melanie, 30, Aaron Carter’s fiancée, shared a two-second video of herself sobbing on TikTok after hearing the awful news.

The single mother videotaped herself while driving, her face raw with grief.

She was also shown on camera moments later at the site of Aaron’s home, crying uncontrollably and receiving comfort from friends.

Melanie appeared upset and covered her tearful eyes with sunglasses while sporting a teal velvet tracksuit.
Melanie made a statement about the tragedy shortly after her fiancé was discovered dead.

She said to TMZ: “Aaron Carter, my fiancé, has died. I adore Aaron with all of my heart, but raising a boy without a father will be challenging.

“Please respect my family’s need for privacy as we adjust to losing someone we adore.

“The process of recognising this unpleasant fact is still ongoing. We appreciate your prayers and thoughts very much.”
After learning that a man had drowned in his bathtub in the early morning, about 11 am, Los Angeles County police arrived at the site.

The U.S. Sun was informed by law enforcement that “deputies did react to the call, “”They did locate a deceased body in the tub,” it said.

On the spot, Aaron was determined to be dead.

A spokesperson for the pop artist issued a statement confirming the passing, saying: “We regret to inform you that Aaron Carter was discovered unconscious this morning in his Palmdale, California, home.

“The family has been informed, and they will go for Los Angeles. Aaron put a lot of effort into becoming well at the end of his life, being a better parent, and making apologies with his family.”

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