OH BOY Boy George claims that his dread is worse than the Bushtucker Trials from “I’m A Celeb.” before the start of the programme

BOY In contrast to the terrible possibility of the I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker Trials, George has admitted that his greatest fear is fear itself.

The 61-year-old Culture Club singer is a huge addition to this year’s lineup and has said he’ll attempt to utilise humour to get through any difficult situations.
He declared, “My biggest fear is being terrified, and the trials are not something I am especially enthused about,” before to Sunday’s debut event.

“I’ll simply chuckle. They won’t want to harm me, I’m sure of that. However, I also don’t want to be bored, so I’ll make an effort to acquire the stars for everyone.

“Since I will be admonishing everyone to ensure that we don’t go hungry, I believe I shall serve as the camp’s resident nutritionist. Everyone will be given a calm-down order from me.”

George said to The Sun that, out of concern about upsetting his co-stars, he “chants” every night before bed.

The Karma Chameleon actor said that he finds sleep to be “a bit of a burden” since it prevents him from getting things done.

George added that he aims to separate himself from the other celebs, which include Olivia Attwood from Love Island and politician Matt Hancock, rather than squabble over the I’m A Celebrity campfire.

I’m going to practise yoga and chant, and I know it may irritate some people, so hopefully I can find a place where I can do that because I think that will keep me more sane, he said.
George, this year’s oldest campmate at 61, claimed that Ant and Dec’s persuasiveness was the sole reason he agreed to participate in the programme.

“I feel like Ant and Dec set me up,” he continued, “because they asked me what Karma Chameleon means on Saturday Night Takeaway a while back.

And as a joke, I said, “Never having to do I’m A Celebrity. Then they questioned me, “What would drive you to do it?”

If you liked a vegan or vegetarian option, I advised, “Go for it. I believe I mentioned I was a vegan, but I am actually a vegetarian. They said, “We can!” And I said, “Oh sh**!”

George almost changed his mind when ITV producers approached him. I discussed it with my manager and I said, “Oh, I’m not doing that,” he stated.

Then, I spoke to Ant and Dec, and you know how endearing they are,” he said, grinning.

“You know, TV is totally different,” he said. I’ve always watched the programme, but it’s not quite as hostile as it formerly was. If you go back to earlier episodes, like when Katie Price or Johnny Rotten were hosts, it was incredibly harsh and not something I would have liked.

“I mean, I don’t mind a discussion or an argument, and I’m interested in who may be in it and what might be said. Additionally, I make an effort to be intelligent.

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