How Kathleen Lojkovic Entertains & Educates With Her Production Company Back2Originals

Kathleen Lojkovic has extensive experience in television production. Her production company, Back 2 Originals, has certainly taken her work to a new level.

Lojkovic was born and raised in Chicago, but she spent the majority of her life in Michigan. As a result of her family moving back to the suburbs of Chicago, she discovered her calling for television production. “I knew I wanted to work in television production after my freshman year in high school,” she says. A local ABC-TV talk show, Kennedy at Night, had me as an audience member. Upon entering the studio, I was hooked.”

Her passion for the entertainment industry led her to search for the perfect University program. Lojkovic landed at Northwestern University and enrolled in their prestigious theater and communication programs. She received a degree in Radio-TV-Film and interned at CBS TV and WGN TV. Following an impressive internship, Lojkovic landed her first job as a “production assistant on The Friday Night Show” at ABC in Chicago. 

She later worked for ABC for three years. During her time there, she worked on various shows, giving her experience with multiple types of television. “Late night talk show, in the field interviews and conversations in the homes of Chicago’s prominent citizens, and finally a 90-minute live morning talk show,” Lojkovic recalls. Each faced distinct challenges.” Her responsibilities were varied, which contributed to the time being so interesting. She remembers “booking the guests, researching the material, and preparing the host for the interview.” Every day was unique, which added to the fun.”

Lojkovic has witnessed many changes in the television industry throughout her career. Despite this, she remains enthusiastic about her work. “I’m most proud that after all these years, I still want to be creative and be involved with new opportunities to meet people and tell their stories,” she says. The industry has transformed. I’m still willing to adapt and use my experience to help a project I’m working on.”

Back 2 Originals Productions was founded out of a desire to continue telling exciting and educational stories. Lojkovic leads the company, and its projects include The Mediator, Mr. Livingstone, I Presume?, and An Acceptable Loss. In addition, the company intends to produce a variety of projects for film and television, including “programming that is entertaining and also informative about topics that I am passionate about,” as Lojkovic describes it. The company has collaborated with celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Ice-T, and Barrie Livingstone.

Lojkovic is also aware of the environmental impact of her work. “Right now, I’m drawn to environmental and animal welfare projects.” “All these issues may appear overwhelming, but if everyone makes small changes individually, we can collectively affect a large change,” she says. Furthermore, Lojkovic states that her “mission statement is to have fun, help others, leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible, and hopefully, the world will be a better place for your presence.”

Lojkovic is excited to continue her production work and create her definition of success, which she defines as “feeling accomplished from within, knowing that you did your best and gave it a shot.” She also wants to have fun while doing it. “I’d be thrilled if others wanted to collaborate with me in five years because they’re impressed with what I’ve created and want to collaborate on some fabulous, fun project,” she says.

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