Ivanka and Jared Quit Donald Trump Quietly

At her sister Tiffany Trump’s wedding this weekend, Ivanka Trump surprised her father a little bit, and not just because she wore an outfit from the movie To Catch a Thief. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, reportedly don’t want to be involved in Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign:

Sources told The Post on Monday that the 76-year-old former president tried to persuade his adored eldest daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to be with him on stage when he announces his third consecutive run for president at the Palm Beach resort Tuesday night during a portion of daughter Tiffany’s opulent Mar-a-Lago wedding this past weekend.

The man credited with creating “The Art of the Deal” has not yet closed this one.

Ivanka was the second-most requested speaker last time around behind the president himself, so Trump believed he might persuade her this weekend to return and campaign for him. But so far, she is rebuffing his advances and remaining tough, much like Jared,” a source added. They both believe that they were let down in Washington and don’t want to return there and subject themselves and their kids to another divisive campaign.

It’s understandable why Trump believes he may be able to persuade them to rejoin his campaign. According to a “source familiar with the matter,” the couple has been spending a lot of time with him outside of work even though they “had no plans to get engaged in the 2024 effort”: The Washington Post

However, this person went on to say that Kushner and Ivanka Trump still have close ties to the former president; they played golf with him on Friday and spent the weekend with him at Mar-a-Lago for his daughter Tiffany Trump’s wedding.
The Javanka issue appeared to be entirely different up until lately. The pair consistently indicated that their careers as political consultants were over even before they left the White House.

According to reports, Kushner angrily exclaimed, “I don’t give a f— about the future of the Republican Party,” during the 2020 campaign. According to sources, Jared distanced himself from Trump as soon as 2020 election results were out because he didn’t want to be associated with his claims about stealing the election. Ivanka had “checked out” in the closing weeks of Trump’s presidency, according to a later post by the president-elect on Truth Social, making her devastating testimony to the committee on January 6 unreliable. Ivanka said in a CBS News interview a few days before the Capitol riot that she and her husband wouldn’t work as White House aides under a second Trump administration.

Early in 2021, Jared and Ivanka appeared to be separating themselves personally from Trump as well. In Surfside, Florida, they rented a condo while putting the finishing touches on a $32 million property they had just acquired in Miami’s Billionaire Bunker. Even though Mar-a-Lago is only 90 minutes away from their new residence, they began to visit the former president much less frequently. According to a July 2016 CNN article, Javanka abandoned Trump on Father’s Day and was seldom ever seen with him in Palm Beach, and their separation was growing “wider by the week”:

According to a clubgoer and family acquaintance, “[Jared and Ivanka] weren’t around for the normal spring and summer activities at Mar-a-Lago,” noting the absence of Trump’s oldest daughter and the couple’s three young children.

At the same time, it became clear that Kushner had vanished. Kushner had previously been in charge of all of Trump’s political operations. Before Trump moved north [to his Bedminster, New Jersey home], there were visits from the Kushner/Trump family to Mar-a-Lago, but they were infrequent, occurring on average once every three to four weeks.
How did it come about that Jared and Ivanka “retain tight contacts with the previous president,” according to a report in the Post today? To be clear, I am not acquainted with any of these folks. However, I have an idea.

Ivanka enjoys following fashion, and in 2022, “silent resigning” was the hottest trend in the workplace. This is when “a worker no longer goes above and above for the boss,” according to New Yorker Sarah Jones. Whether this is a recent occurrence or even “a thing” at all has generated a lot of discussion, but it’s simple to see how enticing the idea may be to a woman who has spent her entire life performatively striving to build a reputation for herself in her father’s numerous business and political endeavours. Perhaps she and Jared did attempt to sever relations with the former president at one point. But rather than “leaning out” and allowing the Trump campaign to continue working to make Jared’s book a New York Times best seller, why publicly leave the Trump political machine?

Could Ivanka and Jared participate in the 2020 presidential campaign at some point? They may perform the bare minimum to fulfil their obligations as the First Daughter and First Son-in-Law, respectively, now and in the future. However, they would prefer not to at the moment.

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